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float mounted box frame in dark walnut

Box Frames

Box Frames and Float Frames

A box frame is style of framing were there is depth to the frame, with the glass spaced to the front using a fillet hidden under the rebate. The work is then mounted to the back, creating space between the glass and the artwork. This works best for float mounting, though can be used on unmounted works. This option is popular with photographic prints, though dry mounting or a window mount is recommended in this case.


Shadow mounting looks great with a box frame, particularly if you want show a deckled edge or handmade paper detail. This is where recessed foamboard is tabbed between the artwork and backing, floating the piece off the back to create a shadow and depth to the presentation. We can also offer a “glass sandwich”, where work is mounted between two pieces of glass to the front of the frame, with the backing spaced back, creating a floating look similar look to shadow mounting. This technique also allows for an option of no backing, mirrored backing to show a double sided image, and is a good way of presenting cut-out shapes or decoupage. 


Box frame interiors can be made with mountboard or wood to compliment or match the frame finish and colour. The fillet spacer can be finished in a contrasting colour too as a way of subtly introducing a complimentary detail.


Box frames can be made to a variety of  depths and we supply a stacking box system, allowing us to accommodate objects as well as artwork, including items such as boxing gloves, cricket bats, skateboard decks, medals and other memorabilia.

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