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conservation framing equipment


Conservation and Archival Framing

All our frames come with basic archival level materials but we can offer various grades of conservation. Mounts are available in a few ranges of materials from our white core Fine Art Trade Guild level 3 we use as standard, to conservation FATG level 2 and museum grade FATG level 1.


We use fully reversible acid free gummed cotton or linen tape for archival framing, hinging the work to a conservation board, encapsulating it in a chemically balanced archival environment, this is a similar process for float mounting, tabbing the work in place. For very valuable pieces I always recommend conservation corners that hold the artwork in place meaning there are no adhesives used whatsoever. 


For backing archival work we use acid-free mount or barrier board and conservation Kraft board. We can also use a conservation foamboard that adds a layer of insulation for further environmental protection. 


The final element of archival framing is the glass. We have a range of anti-reflective UV filtering glazing options; these have a thin coating that cuts incidental reflection and protects against UV light that may damage and fade artwork. Starting with a budget friendly option that is standard reflection but a 99% UV protection, up to anti reflect 99% UV water white glazing. These finishes are also available in acrylic glass, which is beneficial in that it is lighter in weight for large pieces and does not shatter like glass if breakage is a concern, such as in a public gallery space. 


Also, depending on the artwork we can line frames with acid free tape, for example if a canvas is up against the edge of the frame, again creating a stable environment where the artwork sits. 


We grade all our frames based on the FATG levels: 

Level 1: this is museum standard finish with 99%UV glass, museum grade cotton mount and barrier card, archival backing and work mounted with conservation corners. 

Level 2: this is still a high conservation level with conservation grade mount board, acid free reversible hinging tape, barrier card, archival backing and minimum 70% UV glass.

Level 3: standard conservation level with standard glass, white core ph balanced mount, ph70 hinging tape, barrier card and standard Kraft backing board. 

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