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stained frame samples



As well as our extensive range of pre-finished manufactured moulding we offer a more bespoke in-house finishing service. We can match any colour with a hand painted finish, which we seal in with a wax, allowing the wood to breathe and protecting the paint. We can also finish with varnish for a satin or gloss look. We also have a range of wood stains and coloured waxes that can enhance the character of your chosen wood, from very dark rich oak tones to bring out the grain, to white lime wax, giving a classic soft white texture. 


We can also spray frames with an acrylic matte finish. This is a good option for bright colours, metallics or neon finish, for example we have sprayed up classic ornate frames in neon colours for a bold contemporary look.

We are always open to very bespoke finishes where we can match patterns or colours in a piece, continue lines from artwork onto the frame for example or create unique distressed finishes specific to your work. 

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