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Our Gallery Space

We have had a gallery space as part of our workshop for about 20 years. It’s a great way to showcase our frames with an ever-changing selection of prints for sale and gives us a shopfront element to meet and greet and a space to host exhibitions and events. 

We have exhibited many artists from local to international, including works by Banksy, Pictures on Walls, Lucy McLauchlan, Scrawl Collective, Beat 13, Outcrowd collective, Mondo and international touring shows, local artist showcases, painters, printmakers, illustrators and photographers. We have collaborated with festivals such as Flatpack Film Festival and Supersonic music festival with exhibitions and workshops. 


In our current location, as well as our usual changing stock of prints, we will be hosting more exhibitions and workshops including a regular life drawing class. Please see our news section for updates on events and exhibitions.

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