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hand cutting glass with glass cutter tool


Glazing Options

All the glazing options can get a little confusing so here’s a guide to all the types of glass and acrylic we can provide. 


Our standard glass is 2mm float glass, a nice flat clear glass that’s not too heavy and budget friendly. 

The 2mm float also comes in a non-reflection finish whereby one side is very lightly etched to create a matte finish and disperse reflection, this only works with a maximum depth of a single mount, any larger gap between art work and glass makes the image diffuse. Again a budget friendly option for reflection control. 



Conservation glass is a 2mm glass that has a thin coating applied to the surface to block out harmful UV light and cut out incidental reflection without the need for etching, creating a greater clarity and reduced reflection. When viewed in the correct light the work looks un-glazed. 


The Conservation glass range starts with a 99% uv blocking clear glass, this doesn’t have the reflection control but a high UV rating so is a great glass if conservation is the main requirement and you don’t want to go for a very expensive museum glass. 


A popular conservation glass is the 70% uv reflection control glass, again a cheaper option than museum grade by compromising on the UV but still a decent amount of protection combined with the reflection control. 


Next we offer a 92%UV reflection control glass, this is the highest grade alternative to museum glass.


Finally the more expensive option but highest quality is the 99%uv reflection control water white museum grade glass, offering maximum protection and clarity.  



We also can supply acrylic glass, a lighter option and a lot less brittle than glass so a good safety option for public spaces or shipping. Often a little more expensive than glass, especially at conservation level and more prone to scratching though we can easily polish out damage. Starting from a cheaper thin styrene, a budget option, great for kids rooms or for keeping a picture very light. 


Next we have a clear perspex glass that comes in a range of thicknesses, a great alternative to standard glass and is particularly useful for keeping the weight down on larger pieces. This is available in an anti-glare etched finish too. 


Finally we have a range of conservation acrylic with similar properties to the conservation glass, from basic UV protection to “life time” acrylic with anti-reflection and up to 100% UV protection. 

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