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2 tone wide tray frame

Tray Frames

Tray Frames

Tray frames are a great contemporary way of framing canvases and works on board that do not require glazing. They are an L-shaped profile in many depths, finished and widths. These can be set flush to the edge of the canvas without covering any surface detail or have a small shadow gap as a visual enhancement to the artwork. We can also make trays with a wider base to create a larger area to display a canvas, or to make a piece larger and more impactful.

Trays are a nice way to offer some protection to a canvas as well as giving it more visual presence, a great compromise to hanging a canvas un-framed or in a more traditional frame to edge.

Trays can also be used as an inner frame/spacer combined with an outer standard frame or even doubled up creating an inner and outer frame . The interior can be finished in contrasting colours to the exterior, creating a mount/frame feel but allowing the canvas to stand out unobstructed. 

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