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small tile in box frame

Objects and Oversize

Objects, Memorabilia, Textiles and Oversize framing

This section covers frames that aren’t the usual print or paper based project. We have a diverse range of solutions, enabling us to frame all sorts of unusual pieces, 3D artworks, objects, memorabilia, textiles and very large pieces of work. 


Textile and Fabric Framing

We can offer framing for a range of fabric and textile based pieces including, felts, cross stitch, embroidery, tea towels etc.

We have a few techniques where we can stretch large robust pieces like a canvas, pin finer fabrics with T-pins to foam to stretch them, sew onto board or tag gun into place. We have even made a “loom” frame for a weaving. All of these techniques are fully reversible and we never use glue on fabric works.


Object and Memorabilia

We have framed a lot of interesting memorabilia including sports shirts, cricket bats, boxing gloves, skateboard decks, band merch, vinyl, tickets, medals, butterflies, a wedding dress and much more. 

Sport shirt framing is very popular and we have a few techniques for presenting these; sleeves folded in so the frame doesn’t end up too large, often just to show a signature or number, or full shirt mounted to a template to keep it flat. We tag and sew these into place making them fully reversible and leaving the item undamaged. 

Memorabilia framing can be combined with mounting techniques to include tickets, programmes and photos. We can help you design a presentation display perfect for your collection. 

For larger objects we employ box frame techniques to create depth. We have a range of box frame profiles that can be “stacked” to any required depth and coloured to any finish. This type of frame can be applied to memorabilia as well as art objects or collectors pieces, and finished to a conservation standard if required. For example we once framed a lump of concrete from the demolished Brutalist John Madin Library in Birmingham.  


Oversize and Large Format 

We have recently sourced a supplier of 2642 x 1525mm mount board, this being the largest format mount available. Unmounted pieces and canvas can go larger. 


Most lengths of frame moulding come in a maximum length of 2.9 to 3 meters. However we have a technique whereby we can join hand-finished frame lengths to make larger frames than most workshops offer, our main restriction being the largest size glass or acrylic glass that is available, our maximum size being 3160 x 2230mm. Unglazed works can go larger. Basically, whatever can fit through the door!


Over certain sizes we recommend acrylic glass as this is much more lightweight. If very large glass is required we use a 3mm art glass which can make the piece quite heavy, though we do have heavy duty hanging fixings or a spilt batten system to accommodate this. 

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